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13 Apr 2013

Missing Gravator profile pic after changing WordPress username

How to restore a missing Gravatar profile picture since renaming an admin username

Restore Gravatar profile pic »

08 Apr 2013

Updating Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 on Windows

Upgrading Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 *should* be a relatively straightforward process. These are the steps I followed in order to update Plesk 10 (10.4.4) to Plesk 11 (11.0.9) running on a Windows dedicated server 2008 with hosting providers 1&1 internet.

Update Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 »

06 Apr 2013

Enabling mod_rewrite on Windows Apache for URL rewriting

A tutorial demonstrating how to enable mod_rewrite which will allow a website running on a WAMP stack to use a local .htaccess file for URL rewriting.

Activate mod_rewrite on WAMP »

29 Mar 2013

Tweet Caching with PHP & JQuery

Part 2 of the custom twitter feed tutorial with authentication. Caching the twitter feed to a local file can speed up loading of tweets and negate Twitters rate limiting.

Twitter feed caching »

Scheduled Task for PHP scripting in Plesk & Linux

A tutorial for setting up a scheduled task using Plesk 11 on Linux. A couple of steps are involved for the scheduled script; ensuring Access to the server over SSH is specified and using wget utility to run the PHP script.

Scheduling a PHP script from Plesk »

18 Feb 2013

Authenticating a Twitter Feed for OAuth API V1.1 – Timelines & streams

A tutorial designed to help anyone who is using or wants to create a custom Twitter feed that needs to authenticate basic read-only access for any public user timeline with Twitter OAuth, API V1.1.

Authenticate a Twitter feed with OAuth »

29 Dec 2012

OpenType font display problems in Flash

How to fix an odd bug within Flash when some OpenType fonts strangely vanish

Flash font display issue »

15 Dec 2012

Creating a Custom jQuery Twitter Feed (API v1.1)

Creating and styling a custom javascript based twitter feed that can be integrated on websites. Includes demos and source code.

jQuery Twitter Feed »

14 Oct 2012

Twitter feed URL error (code 34)

Twitter have recently updated paths to public feeds from to if you are getting a code 34 error message, you should:

Update the Twitter json path »

12 Aug 2012

jQuery pendulum. Animation around a pivot point

A jQuery based animation of basic pendulum motion of an obejct around a pivot point using CSS3 rotation. Includes source code and demo.

jQuery pendulum animation »

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