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03 Aug 2013

Creating a simple animated twitter feed fade rotation

This tutorial walks through the steps required to create a simple animated Twitter feed (for API 1.1) with each tweet fading in and out one by one. Includes demo and source code.

Create a fading twitter feed rotation »

30 Jul 2013

Retrieve favourite tweets in PHP for Twitter API 1.1

Retrieving a list of latest favourite tweets for any user using PHP authentication for Twitter API 1.1. Includes step by step and source code.

Get favourite tweets »

18 Jul 2013

Creating expandable & collapsible panels in jQuery, CSS & HTML

A tutorial showing how to set up a set of expandable/collapsible panels (or an accordion effect) using jQuery, HTML and CSS. Includes demo and code.

Expandable panels with jQuery, CSS & HTML »

14 Jul 2013

Activating Plesk 11 Backup Manager and Scheduling Backups

A simple guide showing how to activate the Backup Manager within Plesk and how to schedule regular backups.

Activate & Schedule Backups with Plesk Backup Manager »

13 Jul 2013

Enable cross-domain, cross-browser AJAX/JSON calls using jQuery

Making a simple, cross-domain JSON request or AJAX call to a script on another server can be a bit tricky. This guide gives a simple solution that works in all browsers with code and examples

Making a cross-domain-AJAX-call »

10 Jul 2013

Position a child div relative to parent container in CSS

This tutorial explains how to position a child div inside a parent container div using examples, demos and source code and discusses the importance of using CSS properties for position:absolute and position:relative.

Position child div inside parent »

08 Jul 2013

WordPress website slow? Time to optimise your database

Common performance issues with a WordPress blog can often be caused by database bloat and unoptimised database tables. This guide can help sites with page speed issues

Fix WordPress performance issues »

07 Jul 2013

Improve a WordPress website Page Speed by 50% in 5 minutes

How to quickly improve the Page Speed score of your WordPress website or blog with step by step instructions to set-up a caching plugin and .htaccess modification

Improve WordPress Page Speed »

21 Jun 2013

My Twitter feed/widget is broken – options for moving to API 1.1

An overview of the main options available to users now the Twitter have depreciated their old API. Includes information on how to create a custom twitter feed using 1.1 and embedded timelines.

How to get a twitter feed working with API 1.1 »

06 Jun 2013

PHP highlight keyword in string and maintain capitalisation

A PHP function that will highlight all matched keywords in a text string, whilst maintaining correct capitalisation. Examples given and code explained

Highlight keyword in PHP string »

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