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09 May 2014

26 AdSense tips to maximise revenue

A breakdown of AdSense tips and more generic advice that can help increase AdSense revenue for your website or blog

AdSense Tips »

03 May 2014

Creating a manual list of related posts in WordPress

An easy step-by-step guide on how to create your own easily selectable list of related posts in WordPress. This makes use of the Advanced Custom Fields tool and a few lines of PHP.

Creating a custom list of related posts »

02 May 2014

Changing HTML 5 video with JavaScript or jQuery

How to change a HTML 5 video using either jQuery or JavaScript. Tested in major browsers with code explanations given.

Change HTML 5 video with jQuery or JavaScript »

01 May 2014

Detect HTML 5 video play & pause with jQuery

A jQuery code snippet to detect when a play or pause button has been selected on a HTML 5 video

Play & pause detect in HTML 5 video »

26 Apr 2014

Setting the www or non-www in Plesk 11

Setting the 'www' or 'non-www' as the preferred domain in Plesk 11. With screenshots and step-by-step

Setting the preferred domain in Plesk »

23 Apr 2014

17 great reasons to start a blog

A run down of the top reasons why I like to blog and why you might want to start blogging too.

Reasons to start a blog »

04 Apr 2014

The impact of mobile user experience on SEO

Exploring how Google may use mobile user experience to help rank sites. This post discusses some insights from Matt Cutts and other sources.

Impact of mobile UX on rankings »

03 Apr 2014

Checking if next post exists in WordPress

Displaying the title and link for the next post within an article only if the next post exists

Check if next post exists »

01 Apr 2014

Page not found error when changing WordPress permalinks

A common fix for the 'page not found' error (using mod_rewrite) encountered in WordPress after changing the permalink structure, usually when using a localhost setup.

WordPress 404 error »

17 Mar 2014

13 reasons to use of Sublime Text over Dreamweaver

Exploring some of the main benefits of coding using Sublime Text over Dreamweaver from a web developers perspective.

Reasons to use Sublime Text »

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